Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cricut Expression about to be shipped

UPS has gotten the billing info and they're waiting to get their hands on it. Can't wait for it to be shipped!

Monday, September 6, 2010

OMG YAY! Cricut Expression©!!!

I'm so excited!! After watching the price for more than 24 hours on several Cricut Expression©s, losing 11 bids, getting angry at several buyers that had bid on several at the same time, and almost giving up hope, I finally got my hands on a brand new machine! :D

I noticed though that the ones I lost were almost $100 more than what I paid for tonight. Not only that, the bidders were going crazy because the prices skyrocketed before it got down to the 30 minute mark. Also, it was during the afternoon and early evening, so, seeing that it was Labor Day and that everyone was still awake, I should have known better than to waste my time staring at the computer screen and waiting for a good price to come along to not be raped by other potential buyers like me.

It was because of luck that I got mine at a fantastic price. One of the buyers that had simultaneously bid on 14 Cricut Expression©s won one of them and backed out of mine when I thought the bidding was over. Lo and behold, the timer restarted at 3 minutes and I was just going crazy with anticipation because I knew that someone could side-swipe me and buy it. I know I could have waited and skipped out on the tension and frustration of being beat, but having to stare at your computer screen for a day without seeing any results was getting so annoying that I decided I had to be more aggressive with my bid limit based on the results I saw from losing those 11 bids.

YAY! CRICUT! I can't wait to start making my own cut outs! :D